Bridgetown Worship

Bridgetown Church is built around the idea of practicing the way of Jesus, together, in our city. We believe that to be an apprentice of Jesus of Nazareth is to order your life around three goals: be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. Our dream is that as we live this way, our lives, our communities, and our city, will be transformed.

As a part of Bridgetown Church, Bridgetown Worship aims to help people be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did primarily through the use of music in corporate worship gatherings, which we believe is a means to the greater end of living lives of worship to God.

We sense an invitation in this season of the life of our church to be people of prayer, presence and mission. We hope to see the songs we sing form us into those sort of people.


There are four main areas for people to serve with worship at Bridgetown:

  • Worship for Sunday Gatherings
  • Worship Choir (quarterly)
  • Auxiliary instruments for special events (instruments that are not normally used in worship gatherings such as strings, horns, etc.)
  • Bridgetown Music: songwriting for the church (must be involved with worship for Sunday Gatherings to participate)



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