Vision Series 2019

Every Fall, Bridgetown sets aside a few weeks to revisit the vision of our church during our annual Vision Series. Over these weeks, we seek to raise and answer core, guiding questions such as: Who are we? Why do we do what we do? And what is our vision for the future? If we are going to live out our vision well, it will take intention. During the Vision Series, we invite our Bridgetown Communities to set aside a few weeks to thoughtfully engage with our vision and what it means for them. Below we have provided a series of exercises and discussions for your Community to work through. The purpose of these exercises is to facilitate thoughtful dialogue, create space for evaluation, and invite greater growth for your Community in the year ahead.


Part 1: Bridgetown Annual Community Plan (2 Weeks)

The Annual Community Plan is made up of two exercises: a list of Community Commitments and a series of discussion prompts to help your Community strategically plan your coming year together. Set aside one night to read through the Community Commitments and assess which commitments you are doing well and which need to be renewed in the year ahead. Set aside a second night to work through the discussion prompts provided in the Community Plan, writing down your action steps as you go.

Community Commitments   Community Plan


Part 2: Bridgetown Annual Apprenticeship Plan (1 Week)

Having made a plan for your Community, the Bridgetown Annual Apprenticeship plan is an opportunity to assess your personal practices and rhythms and make a specific plan for individual growth in the year ahead. Take time to work through the plan on your own, listing tangible (and reasonable) steps for growth in each area. Then come back together as a Community to discuss and share a few of the steps in your plan.

Apprenticeship Plan


Part 3: Generosity Reflection (1 Week)

Talking about money can be difficult and awkward. The purpose of this Reflection is not to coerce or legislate anyone’s giving; instead, we want to create awareness about how we are spending our money and invite one another (and the Holy Spirit) into our journey of generosity. Take a night to work through the exercise and discussion questions provided, sharing any findings you may have made and any steps of generosity you feel inclined to take. Before coming together, consider printing the activity out or providing paper so that your Community can participate.

Generosity Reflection