Vision Series: 2015: A People in a Place

Various Scriptures

John Mark Comer | September 13, 2015 | Duration: 57:00

The Church is a people in a place.

We see that all through the Scriptures the people of God are deeply rooted in place(s). This is a huge challenge because right now one of the primary obstacles in Western society is that we have become placeless. Over the last century there have been two major shifts – transportation and the digital age. These advancements have allowed us to move further apart yet remain connected. Mobility isn’t all bad but we have become placeless, and it’s fragmenting our society at a soul level.

In many of the letters to the churches, the people of God are identified by a place. This makes the church three dimensional: for God, for one another, and for a place. So much of mission comes down to being present. Followers of Jesus must be the incarnation of God in the place they live.

At Bridgetown, we want to be an emotionally healthy, spirit empowered people in a place.