Future Church: A Community of Holiness in a Culture of Moral Relativism

1 Corinthians 6v12-20

John Mark Comer | February 28, 2021 | Duration: 57min

We live in a fascinating moment when culture is becoming both more moral (in particular around human rights) and less moral at the same time. The moral relativism of secularism cannot hold a soul (much less a society) together. In this moment, Jesus’ call to holiness is more acute than ever before. While for many, the word “holiness” comes with the baggage of fear and shame, it’s actually about joy. In this teaching we explore holiness, a theology of the body, and the practice of fasting as a path to joy in God. Follow along with the Future Church community guides as we reimagine the kind of church we want to become.

Community Guide

Fasting & Our Relationship to Food, Body, and Image

How do you fast if you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food? Listen along as we discuss eating disorders, body image, and Jesus’ call to health and wholeness. We interview a woman who has overcome an eating disorder in her own life and hear how she interacts with fasting now.

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