Christ Has Risen (Single)

When Jesus rose from the dead, there was a cosmic shift in the story of humanity. Death has been defeated. Everything has changed. Ever since, we have longed to see him again, in all his beauty and glory. “Christ Has Risen” is the first release from Bridgetown Music. Some of the lyrics come straight from scripture and others come from prayers that have been repeated by the church for the past few hundred years, as we look forward to the day when Jesus returns. Available now in all major digital music stores.

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Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again
Dying He destroyed our death
Rising He restored our life

Oh Lord Jesus come in glory

When Christ who is our life appears
We will rise with Him
We will rise with Him in glory


Vocals: Matthew Zigenis
Additional Vocals: Maddie Mayjack, Jillian Griffin, Jared Carrow, Seth Overby
Guitars: Matthew Zigenis, Jared Carrow
Keys: Matthew Zigenis, Alex Rettmann, Dave “Lux” Luetkenhoelter
Bass: Dave “Lux” Luetkenhoelter
Drums: Ryan Peterson
Percussion: Dave Lux


Produced by: Dave “Lux” Luetkenhoelter, Matthew Zigenis
Engineered by: by Raymond Richards, Dave “Lux” Luetkenhoelter at B-Side Studios and Room 205
Mixed by: Eric Lemiere
Mastered by: Josh Auer
Album Art by: Tyler Hanns