Carry Your Name

We believe worship is a response to who God is and how he has revealed himself in the person of Jesus. His Spirit has been stirring in our church in many exciting ways, and Carry Your Name is simply a response to the journey he has been taking us on. We are called to carry His name to the ends of the earth and these songs were written with that in mind.

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Music Charts

We hope, quite simply, that you might enjoy this album and God uses these lyrics and arrangements to speak to you. Here are the charts for the songs of Carry Your Name so that you can perform them in your church and community.

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Matthew Zigenis: Vocals, Guitars, Piano.
Eric Lemiere: Background Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Programming, Keys, Piano
Chris Greely: Bass, Guitars
Kevin Kostanko: Drums
Peter Hong: Guitars
Bobby Strand: Guitars
Ben Peterson: Bass
Brandon Mosser: Piano
Amber Lemiere: Background Vocals
Alyssa Fitchie: Background Vocals
Allison Bote: Background Vocals

Producer: Eric Lemeire
Additional production on 3, 4, 6, 9, & 10 by Chris Greely
Additional production on 2 & 4 by Bobby Strand
Engineer / Vocal production on 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, & 10 by Dave Lubben

Engineer: Chris Greely
Additional engineering by Eric Lemiere

Mix / Master: Chris Greely
Additional mixing on 11 & 12 by Luke Hendrickson

Studio: Supernatural Sound

Songs: Matthew Zigenis [©2013 Zigenis Musics] and Eric Lemiere [©2013 ERL Music]
Additional writing on 6 by Jon Neufeld [©2013 August Ten. SESAC], and Evan Wickham [©2013 Worship Together Music (BMI)/From The Indigo Room (BMI)/Evan Wickham Co-pub Designee (BMI) (]

Graphic Design / Cover Photo: Ryan Wesley Peterson

Production Design: Tyler Hanns