Notice About Measles

We are aware of a recent measles outbreak in Vancouver, WA, as well as possible contaminations now in the Portland metro area. Measles is the most contagious virus around today and can have a harmful impact on the health of children, pregnant women, and the elderly – with the risk of death. Bridgetown leaders and elders have consulted with local physicians to help prevent the spread of this disease.

If you or your children are experiencing symptoms of measles, please do not attend a Sunday gathering until those symptoms are completely gone.

Measles symptoms include:
• Rash
• Cough
• Fever
• Runny Nose
• Sore Throat

If a child shows any of these symptoms in class, we will remove the child and contact the parents or guardians immediately. Most children under 15 months of age are not recommended to receive the measles vaccine, leaving them vulnerable to contracting the virus. We do not want to expose young children to any unnecessary risk. We have a high value for safety at Bridgetown Church, and appreciate your help in creating a safe space for children and adults.

Thank you,
Bridgetown Leadership