Humankind experiences suffering and need the world over. Bridgetown Church is committed to making a difference in these people’s lives, whether that is in small or big ways. Learn more about the work Bridgetown Justice is doing globally and the organizations with which we partner. Consider how you can be a part of this work.


Elephante Commons (Uganda)

Still in the beginning stages, Elephante Commons exists to exponentially increase the opportunities, resources, and development in Gulu, Uganda by enabling the local change makers to enact their visions for their people. How do they do this? Through providing space, resources, and data the Acholi people need to succeed. Through providing spaces for classes to be taught, communal events to be held, and businesses to be birthed, Elephante Commons is driven by the belief that the Acholi people have a vision for a Gulu that overflows with dignity, justice, and stability – the Commons exists to support their vision.


The Villa Esperanza (Nicaragua)

In 2008, Villa Esperanza was established as a safe haven for young girls who had been abused and were at-risk in La Chureca. Initiated by a local Nicaraguan woman, Villa Esperanza became a place for girls to live in a safe home, receive nutritious meals and clean water, medical and psychological care, education and tutoring, vocational training, and emotional support. Over the years, the Villa has been able to expand and are now able to additionally offer a scholar’s program, discipleship for boys, and other outreach programs for at-risk children in the community.


MamaBaby (Haiti)

Established in 2010, MamaBaby Haiti is a birthing center, health center, and midwifery school in Northern Haiti. They are providing free prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn care at the clinic, as well as raising up Haitian midwives and nurses to care for their community. They also work beyond the walls of the birth center and offer care in the most remote places and inner city slums via their mobile clinic. One mother and child at a time, MamaBaby is reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Haiti.


The Refuge Initiative (Iraq)

In 2014, The Refuge Initiative was launched in response to the humanitarian crisis stemming from ISIS advances in Northern Iraq and Syria. They work with the locals to build communities of hope by providing both homes and holistic care to refugees. Through the community center, school, medical clinic, trauma counseling, and a developing women’s center, displaced people and refugees are embraced and supported.