We understand that the cultural moment we are in—one in which the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in economic fallout for many—all kinds of new needs are presenting themselves.

As financial and practical needs arise, we encourage you to talk with your Bridgetown Community, and seek to meet one another’s needs as you are able. Of course, we understand there are many situations in which a Community may not be able to meet a need in full. Or, you may not yet be part of a Bridgetown Community. Below are several resources available to you during this crisis.

Available Community & Government Resources

In this unprecedented time, many companies are providing relief, mutual aid groups are offering support, and local governments are easing burdens where they are able. Explore our Community Updates & Resources page for updates and ways to find help with rent assistance, utility relief information, employment information, and more.

Community & Government Resources

Bridgetown Benevolence

A portion of every dollar given to Bridgetown is set aside within our budget to directly meet financial needs of people in our church family in crisis. Benevolence is designed as a one-time help directly from the church budget, to help people move on stronger from a time of financial hardship. While “Community Needs” will be met by other Bridgetown community members, a request for Benevolence, if approved, will come in the form of a purchase made or bill paid on your behalf by Bridgetown Church.

Benevolence Request Form

Caring for Our Neighbors

In this unique time of hardship, we know many of you may be looking for practical ways to help our vulnerable neighbors as well as reputable local organizations (beyond the church) to give funds to. Linked is a list of trusted partners as well as ideas for practical ways to love our neighbors.

Caring for Our Neighbors