Bridgetown Community Leaders

Bridgetown Community Leaders serve as frontline pastors of our church. As they model a life of discipleship to Jesus, Bridgetown Community Leaders lead their Communities in practicing the way of Jesus, together, in Portland. If you are interested in learning more about leading a Community, we would love to meet you.


Leader Training

If you are interested in leading a Bridgetown Community, the first step is to participate in the Bridgetown Community Leader Training. This Training is an opportunity for current and aspiring leaders to learn what it means to lead a Bridgetown Community and to be equipped to lead. In this three-week course, we will define the role of a Community Leader and provide you with practical training and skillsets to lead a Bridgetown Community well.


Leader Meetings

Whether you’ve been leading a Community for years or your Community just finished Basics, we ask that all Community Leaders attend these valuable monthly meetings to be equipped and encouraged. This time is intended to help Community Leaders connect with each other, stay informed about necessary Community developments, and acquire practical skills for leading their Communities.