Prayer Walking Portland, Pt. 2: For Your Prayer Walk

This guide is designed to help guide you while you’re actually on your prayer walk. Have it open on your walk to remind you of prompts and things to pray through.

As you begin, invite God to guide you and guard you. Ask him to bless this neighborhood through your prayers and to help you pay attention to what he’s up to here.

Reveal: Ask God to reveal what he’s already doing.

Notice what emotions stir in you. Let them guide you in prayer. For example, maybe you find yourself frustrated by something you see – the tents, graffiti, or shuttered businesses. Ask God about this anger. Then ask him how he sees this situation and how he would invite you to pray for it. Redirect your anger into prayer. Ask God for mercy to see people and situations as he does, and pray with the heart of Jesus for freedom and restoration.

Repent as you need. Along this process, if you begin to realize that your anger or sadness or anxiety has been directed at God or at your fellow humans, it is good to remember that Satan is the one who brings evil into our world. Ask for God’s help to remember who our real enemy is (Ephesians 6v12) and that your Father in Heaven is good. Let God’s kindness draw you to repentance and pray again with God’s goodness in mind and heart.

Renew: Ask God to renew our city.

Where you see brokenness, ask God for what could be. Let what you see in the natural guide you to pray towards what God is up to. As you notice brokenness, invite God to show you what his blueprints for renewal and restoration could look like. And then pray in that direction! Don’t just pray against the darkness, pray towards the Light. This can be a great time to pull up Scripture on your phone and pray through it.


Ask God to stir revival in our midst. Remember that revival is an outpouring of God’s presence in the natural that leads to salvation and sanctification. Ask the Holy Spirit to stir revival in our city. Pray with authority and power that God’s kindness would lead people to repentance so that salvation comes to this neighborhood.