Building Campaign Results

Update from Jan 2020

In December of 2018, we decided together that we would purchase a beautiful, 36,000 sq. ft. church building in inner northeast Portland. We did this for three reasons. One, we want this building to remain a symbol of Jesus to our city for years to come. Two, we want to expand the impact we can make as a church, particularly towards justice in our city. We believe this church will allow us to do so much good work. Three, we want to put roots down as a church in such a way that is not possible while renting spaces. 

The church was offered to us at a discounted price of $3M (The City of Portland assessed it at just under $9M). While we are also doing a good amount of necessary renovation, our goal has been to raise $3M – the cost of purchasing the building. This goal existed above and beyond our general budget for the year. 

The campaign is now officially over and we are humbled by people’s generosity and encouraged by the unbelievable response that has been had by those inside and outside of our church family. While we didn’t reach our goal of $3M, we are nothing short of blown away by what we have accomplished. 

In addition to our general budget, we were able to raise $1.9M during our campaign. In addition to the $1M we already had in savings, our fundraising brought us to nearly the entire cost of the building purchase. We will still have a loan due to remodel costs and we commit to stewarding that loan wisely and faithfully. 

Thank you, Bridgetown. We are grateful, humbled, and thankful to Jesus for all who participated in giving during this campaign. We have grown tremendously as a church this last year in becoming like our generous rabbi, Jesus, and we are committed to continue down this path in the future. We’re excited to see what Jesus does in this new building for years to come.

Bridgetown Elders & Board of Directors


Holladay Park Church of God

After a season of prayer and discernment, we have made the nearly unanimous decision to buy Holladay Park Church of God. Even though the building is worth much more, the leadership of Holladay Park Church of God have offered to sell at the reduced rate of $3 million. Now we need to raise the money. Since we’ve been praying for an opportunity like this for a few years, we’ve built up a reserve of $1 million that will cover the remodel; we just need to raise the money for the building itself. Our dream is to own a renovated building, debt-free, by Jan 1, 2020.

We’re asking for every person who is a part of the Bridgetown Family to give in some way. Please go before God with this campaign, pray about what he would lead you to give, and then fill out a commitment card so we can plan accordingly.


Progress & Renovation Costs

Campaign Update from July 30, 2019

The total renovation cost is now anticipated to be $2.8 million (that is an increase of $1.8 million to our original budget) and for construction to be completed by the end of January, 2020. Renovation now includes bigger bathrooms, installation of fire sprinklers, and removal of hazardous materials, along with other projects that contribute to the safety and functionality of our new church home.

While we wish this cost increase were less, it’s in the best interest of our church to make these renovations now, saving us time and money on projects in the future. We believe this is the most responsible way to steward the building and our finances well.

The goal of the Building Campaign remains the same, to raise $3 million, the cost to purchase the building.

When the Building Campaign ends this December, and as God continues this move of generosity in our church, we will begin a payment plan for any remaining debt not covered through your giving. Continue placing your finances before God and asking him how he would have you participate in this campaign.


Why do we want to buy a building?

1. Symbol to the City
Church buildings like this are symbols to the city. But tragically, they are becoming symbols, not of the life of the gospel, but of the death of the gospel. Every time one is sold off and torn down for condos, or turned into a pub or yoga studio, it’s a tragedy for the gospel. It says to the city, the church is a part of our past, not our future. We feel a spiritual responsibility to re-capture this building as a symbol to Portland of the life of Jesus’ community in our city.

2. Work for the City
A building would enable us to expand the breadth of our work beyond Sundays and Communities to a more holistic, integrated model of church. Our dream is to show hospitality and justice to refugees, foster children, families in need, and houseless people. We want to create visitation rooms for DHS, build a fifty foot table for Alpha, open a community garden, start a co-working space, host conferences, and much more.

3. Place in the City
A building would give us a rooted presence in the city. There’s a difference between renting and owning; the key isn’t so much financial as emotional. And we can’t think of a better location. Holladay Park Church of God is on the edge of two neighborhoods. To the north is Irvington, upper class, educated families who have been in Portland for a long time; to the south is Sullivan’s gulch, all apartments, more single people and couples, less wealthy, and people new to the city. It feels like the perfect cross section for our church.


Features & Amenities

  Built in 1954

  Irvington Neighborhood

  NE 21st & Tillamook St.

  Industrial Kitchen

  Courtyard Garden

  68 Parking Spots

  $3,000,000 Cost

  35,000sqft Building

  6,000sqft Auditorium

  700 Seat Auditorium

  6,000sqft Fellowship Hall

  2,000sqft Hospitality Space

  800sqft Chapel

  On-Stage Baptismal

  4 Restrooms

  26 Office or Classrooms

  Near Hwy84 & City Center

  On Bike Path

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Let us know if you have any questions about the Bridgetown Building Campaign, or need help on how to give.