Symbol to the City

About a year ago, Bridgetown Church made the official decision to begin looking for an old church building in the city that we could purchase. Since then we have been looking and praying for the right place. About six months ago, we began to build a relationship with Holladay Park Church of God on the eastside of Portland. They are an old, established church and have been gathering in this space since 1956. They have reached a place in their story where they are ready to give a new, younger church the opportunity to continue the work they have begun.

Bridgetown Church has the chance to purchase this building and finally have a place to call our own. Holladay Park Church of God has made us a generous offer to let us buy the building and we want you to help us make the final decision.

Our goal is to buy the building debt-free with enough money to renovate and remodel. We also have large dreams for additional development in the future that would bless our church and the surrounding neighborhood.


Why do we want to buy a building?

Symbol to the City
A building like this is a symbol to the city. But tragically, they are becoming symbols not of the life of the gospel, but of the death of the gospel. Every time one is sold off and torn down it’s a tragedy for the gospel. It says to the city, the church is a part of the past, not your future. We feel a spiritual responsibility to capture, or re-capture, this building as a symbol to Portland that Jesus is alive.

Care for the City
A building would enable us to expand the breadth of our work to a more holistic, integrated model of church. Our dream is to show hospitality and justice to refugees, foster children, families in need, and houseless people. We want to create visitation rooms for DHS, build a fifty foot table for Alpha, open a community garden, and host conferences.

Place in the City
A building would give us a rooted presence in the city. There’s a difference between renting and owning; the key isn’t so much financial as emotional. And we can’t think of a better location. Holladay Park Church of God is on the edge of two neighborhoods. To the north is Irvington, upper class, educated families who have been in Portland for a long time; to the south is Sullivan’s gulch, all apartments, more single people and couples, less wealthy, and people new to the city. It feels like the perfect cross section for our church.


Open House & Worship Night

Come tour Holladay Park Church of God and see the building for yourself. You will have a chance to walk the building, ask questions, and talk with staff. We will close the night with worship and prayer. This will be a great place to experience the presence of God in this new space. Feedback can be given in form below.
Date: Sept 19
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: 2120 NE Tillamook St., Portland, OR

Building Decision Announcement

After we have heard from the people of Bridgetown Church, we will make a final decision. If you call Bridgetown Church home, please make every effort to attend the Open House & Worship Night. We will gauge your feedback, listen to response during our prayer and prophecy, then make a decision. Feedback can be given in form below.
Date: Sunday, Oct 21
Time: All Gatherings

Your Feedback

If you call Bridgetown Church home, please submit your feedback about the purchase of Holladay Park Church of God. We want your help to make this decision. Discuss the decision with your Bridgetown Community, community leader, or a Bridgetown staff member.

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Holladay Park Church of God

  Built in 1954

  Irvington Neighborhood

  NE 21st & Tillamook St.

  Industrial Kitchen

  Courtyard Garden

  68 Parking Spots

  $3,000,000 Cost

  35,000sqft Building

  6,000sqft Auditorium

  700 Seat Auditorium

  6,000sqft Fellowship Hall

  2,000sqft Hospitality Space

  800sqft Chapel

  On-Stage Baptismal

  4 Restrooms

  26 Office or Classrooms

  Near Hwy84 & City Center

  On Bike Path

Photo Gallery