Year of Biblical Literacy

Truly knowing your Bible through the practice of reading has become a lost art, and it seems we are becoming illiterate toward the narrative of God. Participate with us in the “Year of Biblical Literacy.” Follow the Bible Reading Plan and work through the entire biblical narrative one day at a time. Along the way, there will be short animated videos to help you understand the structure and themes of the Bible. The Year of Biblical Literacy is a collaborative effort between The Bible ProjectReality SF, and Bridgetown Church to teach a new generation to know and love the Scriptures. It is made of four parts: reading the bible, watching videos, listening to teachings and lectures, and talking with community.



The Bible Reading plan is about learning the Scriptures through a daily commitment to opening your heart and mind to God. This is a discipline essential to all disciples of Jesus. The Bible Project has created a unique and powerful experience, called Read Scripture, to help us engage with the text throughout the year.

Bible Reading Plan


The Bible is a very profound and prophetic book that is telling one complete story from beginning to end. It is also a very long book, which can make it confusing and intimidating. The Bible Project is all about exploring the entire biblical narrative by breaking it up into short animated videos that help you understand the structure and themes of the Bible.

Bible Videos


As a church, we will also be working through a series of teachings and lectures. These teachings will focus on the meta-narrative of scripture including Jesus, the authority of the Bible, the story of Israel, the prophets, the Kingdom of God, and the mission of the Church.

Teachings & Lectures


Along the way, we encourage everybody to discuss Biblical Literacy with their communities. Jesus and his disciples learned together in community and we want to do the same. We have compiled some questions to help guide you together through the year of studying.

Discussion Questions