Dear Bridgetown Church,

2017 was good year for Bridgetown Church. Even though our country and our city have experienced heartbreak and social disorder, the people of Jesus have responded. We have seen Bridgetown Church grow in new, important ways. Every baptism, healing, work of justice, and move of the Holy Spirit in our midst, has been incredible. We are so thankful to lead and serve each one of you.

This has been a landmark year for Bridgetown financially. Your continued generosity, and God’s continued grace, is evidence of the spiritual formation and maturity that we have all experienced. Thank you for your commitment. Bridgetown happens because week after week you contribute to the work of God. Your generosity allows Bridgetown to practice the way of Jesus, together, in Portland.

Thank you
Staff & Elders


Practicing the way of Jesus, together, in Portland

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Financial Summary

2017 fiscal year for Bridgetown Church extended from Oct 2016 to Sept 2017.

Total Giving
This figure represents 100% of giving before 10% transferred to Hear The Cry and a portion to Church Planting & Evangelism.
Hear The Cry: Compassion & Justice
10% of every dollar given to the church goes directly to justice work and those in need both globally and locally.
Church Planting
Gifts toward Church Planting & Evangelism directly benefit the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus both globally and locally. In 2017, all of this fund was given to Van City Church, in Vancouver, WA.

Net General Giving
Ministry Expenses
Ministry Expenses include but are not limited to: Kids, Youth, Young Adults, Men, Women, Benevolence, House of Learning, and Bridgetown Communities.
Wages & Salaries
Wages & Salaries include but are not limited to: Wages and salaries for all staff and benefits for full-time staff.
Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses include but are not limited to: Facilities, Building Leases, Maintenance, Utilities, Office Supplies, and Insurances.

Net Surplus Added
By your generosity and God’s grace, we have ended the year with a surplus. Our total reserve is now $848,012. Our hope is to use this money to buy an older church in the city center. We’re currently on the hunt so please stay with us in prayer.



Hear The Cry:
Compassion & Justice

As apprentices of Jesus, we have a responsibility to hear the cry of those in need. 10% of every dollar given to Bridgetown Church goes directly to Hear The Cry, a non-profit organization that exists to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the world. Hear The Cry operates through gifts and volunteers from churches and individuals across the United States. Through Hear The Cry we were able to partner with these organizations and more in 2017.

Embrace Oregon
Oregon, USA

Compassion Clinics
Oregon, USA

Villa Esperanza

Door To Grace
Oregon, USA

Restore Haiti

The Rapino Foundation
Oregon, USA

Remember Nhu
Southeast Asia

Fly Fishing Collaborative
Oregon, USA


Hear The Cry:
Justice Initiatives

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